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Conference Policies

Archive Access Policy

The presentations that make up the current and archived conferences on this site have been made open access and are freely available for viewing, for the benefit of authors and interested readers.


Organizing committee:

President: S. Herman

Members: A. Fink, , Z Kvržič, R. Komadina, J. Prestor, R. Rajapakse, A. Strahovnik, L. Šarc, M. Špindler



1. Radko Komadina - Slovenia, ESTES member, surgeon
2. Simon Herman - Slovenia, ESTES member, surgeon
3. Andrej Strahovnik - Slovenia, ESTES member, surgeon
4. Mark Loades - United Kingdom, ESTES member, police
5. Boris Hreckovski - Croatia, ESTES member, surgeon
6. Josip Samardzic - Croatia , ESTES member, surgeon
7. Damir Rosko - Croatia, ESTES member, surgeon
8. Roberto Faccincani – Italy, ESTES member, surgeon
9. Marc Mc Andrew – USA, National Disaster Medical Services



1. Lucija Šarc – Slovenia, internal medicine physician
2. Mateja Špindler – Slovenia, ambulance physician
3. Renata Rajapakse – Slovenia, ambulance physician
4. Marjan Sabolek – Slovenia, paramedic
5. Zlatko Kvržić – Slovenia, paramedic
6. Jože Prestor – Slovenia, paramedic
7. Andrej Čretnik - Slovenia, surgeon , ESTES member
8. Andrej Fink  - Slovenia, paramedic
9. Josip Jankovic - Croatia, ESTES member, surgeon
10. Matija Jurjević – Croatia, ESTES member, anesthesiologist
11. Branka Bardak – Croatia, ESTES member, ambulance physician